Punjab Police Proposes Substantial Increase in Driving License Fees 26 July 2023

Punjab Police Proposes Substantial Increase in Driving License Fees
Punjab Police Proposes Substantial Increase in Driving License Fees

Punjab Police Proposes Substantial Increase in Driving License Fees to Boost Road Safety and Revenue


The Punjab Police have presented a bold proposal to the provincial government, suggesting a significant hike in driving license fees. This move aims to generate additional revenue for the state and implement measures to enhance road safety. If approved, the proposed changes will impact various categories of licenses, both domestic and international.

  1. Motorcycle Driving License Fees Set to Skyrocket by 263.64%:
    Motorcycle enthusiasts in Punjab may need to brace themselves for a staggering 263.64% increase in driving license fees. The current fee of Rs. 550 is proposed to surge to Rs. 2,000, a substantial change that could impact aspiring riders in the province.
  2. Notable Costlier LTV License Fees to Improve Road Safety:
    Obtaining a Light Transport Vehicle (LTV) license in Punjab is likely to become significantly costlier. The proposed fee hike stands at 321.05%, with the fee potentially rising from Rs. 950 to Rs. 4,000. This move is intended to encourage responsible driving and adherence to road safety regulations.
  3. Astounding 788.89% Surge in HTV License Fees:
    For individuals aiming to acquire a Heavy Transport Vehicle (HTV) license, there is a jaw-dropping proposal in store. The fees may soar from Rs. 450 to Rs. 4,000, reflecting an astounding percentage increase of 788.89%. This substantial adjustment aims to ensure that only qualified and dedicated drivers operate heavy vehicles.
  4. Learner License Fee to Witness an Astonishing 733.33% Increase:
    Aspiring drivers looking to obtain a learner license might face an astonishing 733.33% surge in fees. The current cost of Rs. 60 is proposed to rise significantly to Rs. 500. This measure aims to promote better training and preparation of new drivers to improve overall road safety.
  5. International Driving License Fees Also Impacted:
    It’s not just domestic licenses that will face changes; the proposal extends to International Driving Licenses as well. If approved, obtaining an International Driving License in Punjab will require a fee of Rs. 4,000, reflecting a noteworthy percentage increase from the existing amount.


The proposed driving license fee hike in Punjab seeks to achieve dual objectives: enhance road safety measures and generate additional revenue for the state. While these changes may impact license seekers, the ultimate goal is to create safer roads and more responsible drivers in the region.

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