Honda CD 70 2024 Price in Pakistan

Introducing the 2024 Honda CD 70: Unchanged Price and New Color Option

Atlas Honda has recently unveiled the latest iteration of the Honda CD 70 for 2024, featuring a fresh sticker design and a captivating new blue color option. This update has garnered significant attention from enthusiasts. Despite these changes, the price of the 2024 Honda CD 70 in Pakistan remains consistent with the previous model, priced at Rs. 157,900. However, there’s speculation that the price might see an increase in the upcoming weeks.

A Legacy of Reliability: Honda CD 70’s Enduring Popularity

Since its debut in the 1980s, the Honda CD 70 has enjoyed immense popularity in Pakistan due to its exceptional durability, reliable engine, low maintenance requirements, and easy availability of spare parts. This motorcycle has maintained its position as a top choice, boasting excellent resale value within its category—a crucial consideration for Pakistani buyers.

The Current Price of the 2024 Honda CD 70

As of August 10, 2023, the price of the 2024 Honda CD 70 model in Pakistan remains at Rs. 157,900. This latest model was officially introduced by Atlas Honda on August 10, 2023. Atlas Honda has built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality motorcycles at reasonable prices, making the CD 70 a preferred choice among Pakistani riders.

Evolution of the Honda CD 70: A Timeless Icon

Introduced by Atlas Honda in 1984, the Honda CD 70 quickly established itself as a trendsetter, outshining competitors and overshadowing the once-popular Vespa. Its fuel-efficient engine and impressive durability played a pivotal role in its market dominance. Over the years, Atlas Honda has continuously improved the CD 70’s engine, ensuring it meets the Euro II standard. This ongoing innovation, along with changes in design elements such as carburetors, rear signals, seats, and headlights, has contributed to the motorcycle’s enduring appeal.

The 2024 Model: Familiar Design with a Fresh Sticker

Atlas Honda’s 2024 CD 70 model features a brand new sticker design that subtly refreshes the motorcycle’s appearance. While the company claims various design enhancements, the changes are relatively modest, maintaining the classic aesthetics of the CD 70.

Colorful Choices: The 2024 Honda CD 70 Palette

The 2024 Honda CD 70 is available in three color options: the timeless red and black, alongside a captivating new blue color that has sparked considerable interest on social media. This addition to the color palette has garnered attention from devoted CD 70 fans, some of whom eagerly upgrade their bikes to sport the latest sticker.

Technical Specifications at a Glance

Engine4-Stroke OHC Air Cooled
Displacement72 cm³
Bore & Stroke47.0 x 41.4 mm
Compression Ratio9.3:1
ClutchMultiple Wet Plates
Transmission4 Speed Constant Mesh
StartingKick Start
FrameBackbone Type
Dimension (LxWxH)1897 x 751 x 1014 mm
Ground Clearance136 mm
Petrol Capacity8.5 Liters (Reserve: 1.0 Liter)
Front Tire2.25 – 17 (4 PR)
Rear Tire2.50 – 17 (4 PR)
Dry Weight82 kg

Opportunity Alert: 0% Markup Installment Plan

For those interested in acquiring the 2024 Honda CD 70 model, Atlas Honda is offering an enticing 0% markup installment plan. This could be the ideal time to invest in the latest CD 70 model.

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