Honda Motorcycle Prices in Pakistan 5 August 2023

Honda Motorcycle Prices in Pakistan Witness Another Surge on 5 August 2023


Atlas Honda, in response to economic uncertainties and currency fluctuations, has once again increased the prices of its motorcycles in Pakistan. This latest surge, effective from 5 August 2023, affects various popular models, including Honda CD 70, CD 70 Dream, Pridor, CG 125, CG 125 SE, CB 125F, and CB 150F.

Economic Challenges and Price Hikes

The automotive sector in Pakistan has been facing significant challenges due to rising costs and reduced consumer demand, primarily caused by high inflation. This has resulted in a decrease in the purchasing power of the general public, making it difficult for the industry to sustain business operations.

Attempt to Attract Consumers

In an effort to counteract the impact of rising prices, Atlas Honda is collaborating with certain banks to offer 0% markup installment plans. These interest-free plans are intended to attract consumers and potentially boost the company’s sales amidst the challenging economic landscape.

Latest Price Increases

The price hikes have affected various models of Honda motorcycles. Here are the details:

ModelOld Price (PKR)New Price (PKR)Difference (PKR)
Honda CD 70154,900157,9003,000
Honda CD 70 Dream165,900168,9003,000
Honda Pridor 100203,900208,9005,000
Honda CG 125229,900234,9005,000
Honda CG 125 SE275,900282,9007,000
Honda CB 125F380,900390,90010,000
Honda CB 150F (Red/Black)473,900493,90020,000
Honda CB 150F (Silver)477,900497,90020,000

Future Expectations

Given the uncertain economic conditions and instability of the Pakistan Rupee against the US Dollar (USD to PKR), it is possible that further price increases may occur in the future. This could continue to challenge the automotive industry and impact consumer buying decisions.


The recent surge in Honda Motorcycle prices in Pakistan presents a significant challenge for both Atlas Honda and consumers. While the company’s efforts to offer interest-free installment plans may provide some relief, the economic conditions remain unpredictable, necessitating caution and strategic planning in the automotive market.

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