Easte Module 1,2 ITSP Training july 2023

Easte module 1,2 ITSP Training july 2023
Easte module 1,2 ITSP Training july 2023

Easte module 1,2 ITSP Training july 2023

QAED EaSTE Module:1,2,ITSP Training

QAED EaSTE Module 1, 2, and ITSP Training: Empowering Educators for Digital Transformation


In today’s rapidly evolving world, digital technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, transforming various industries and sectors, including education. As classrooms transition into digital spaces, educators must equip themselves with the necessary knowledge and skills to harness the power of technology for effective teaching and learning. The Quality Assurance and Professional Development (QAED) EaSTE (e-Learn, Skill, and Training Enhancement) program in collaboration with Module 1, Module 2, and ITSP (Information Technology Support Program) Training aims to empower educators with essential digital competencies to foster a new era of learning.

Embracing Digital Transformation in Education

The traditional chalk-and-board approach is gradually giving way to interactive digital classrooms. Embracing this digital transformation is crucial to keep up with the demands of the modern world and prepare students for the challenges that lie ahead. QAED’s EaSTE program recognizes this need and offers comprehensive training to educators in Module 1, Module 2, and ITSP.

Module 1 Training: Laying the Foundation

The Module 1 training focuses on introducing educators to the basics of digital technology in education. Teachers are taught how to use computers, navigate software, and incorporate digital resources into their lesson plans. This fundamental knowledge is vital for educators to create engaging and interactive content that caters to diverse learning styles. Additionally, Module 1 equips teachers with the skills to utilize digital assessment tools, track students’ progress, and provide timely feedback for better learning outcomes.

Module 2 Training: Advancing Pedagogy through Technology

Building on the knowledge gained from Module 1, the Module 2 training delves deeper into advanced teaching methodologies using technology. Educators are exposed to innovative approaches such as blended learning, flipped classrooms, and collaborative online platforms. This training empowers teachers to create dynamic and interactive learning experiences that captivate students’ attention and promote a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Furthermore, Module 2 emphasizes the importance of digital citizenship, online safety, and ethical use of technology, ensuring a safe and responsible digital learning environment.

ITSP Training: Empowering Schools with Technology Support

The Information Technology Support Program (ITSP) training equips educators with technical skills to manage digital classrooms effectively. ITSP training focuses on troubleshooting common technical issues, ensuring smooth operation of digital tools, and providing continuous support to both teachers and students. By empowering educators with ITSP skills, schools can minimize disruptions during the learning process and create a more efficient digital learning ecosystem.

Benefits of QAED EaSTE Module 1, 2, and ITSP Training

  1. Enhanced Teaching and Learning: Educators trained under the EaSTE program can leverage digital tools to create interactive and personalized learning experiences, catering to individual student needs and learning styles.
  2. Improved Student Engagement: The integration of technology in classrooms fosters higher student engagement and participation, making learning more enjoyable and effective.
  3. Efficient Assessment and Feedback: Digital assessment tools enable teachers to provide timely feedback to students, identifying areas for improvement and tailoring teaching strategies accordingly.
  4. Global Competitiveness: Equipped with digital competencies, students are better prepared to thrive in a globalized and technology-driven world.
  5. Cost-Effectiveness: Embracing technology in education can lead to cost savings on traditional teaching materials and streamline administrative processes.


The QAED EaSTE Module 1, 2, and ITSP Training programs play a pivotal role in empowering educators with the necessary skills to embrace digital transformation in education. By integrating technology effectively into the learning process, educators can create a dynamic and engaging learning environment that nurtures the potential of each student. With this comprehensive training, Pakistan’s education system takes a step forward in preparing future generations for the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

اب قائد ایپ میں ITSP Training کے نام سے نئ ٹرئینگ شامل کر دی گئ ھے تمام PSTs جو Module 1+2 بھی کر چکے ہیں وہ 15 اگست تک اس Training کو مکمل کر لیں.

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